vintage reclaimed lumber

We’ve updated our shop and included several new Vintage Reclaimed floorings and wall finishes! Follow the link below or click on the shop link above.
If you don’t happen to find what you’re looking for there give us a call ’cause if it’s wood and we don’t have it we’ll find it!


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Vintage Reclaimed Lumber

Old Mill Maple: from $7.00 per sq.ft.
Heart Pine: from $7.50 per sq.ft.
Red and White Oak: from $9.00 per sq.ft.
Wormy Chestnut: from $12.00 per sq.ft
Reclaimed Pecan: from $12.00 per sq.ft.
Reclaimed Hickory: from $12.00 per sq.ft.
Black Walnut: from $10.50 per sq,ft.
Antique Walnut: from $13.00 per sq.ft
Barn Wood: from $8.00 per sq.ft.
All wood products are available in a variety of widths and finishes



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